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About $OGSM

Who is Boy Sminem?

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In February 2018, Roman Zuev, aka Sminem grew into an unofficial mascot for 4chan's /biz/ board, as an emblem of a person who succeeded in the crytocurrency market.

On April 18th, 2022, Roman announced on his Twitteraccount that he was auctioning off an NFT collection surrounding the meme and various images associated with Sminem via Foundation, a crypto art marketplace. 

Now in 2023, Sminem and his team launched his very own crypto token called OG Sminem (ticker: $OGSM) on the Ethereum network and has since collaborated with several other notable memecoins.

Message From Valentina (Roman's Mom)
Ticker: $OGSM
Total Token Supply

$OGSM is a decentralized community token with a renounced contract.

CA: 0x9778ac3D5A2f916aA9aBf1eb85C207d990ca2655

Tokens to Uniswap v2 LP
200 Years
LP Locked
5% Airdrop
To Meta Sminem Holders
to Sminem
OG Sminem

This is what the $OGSM community has been able to accomplish since launch:

Sminem Saga
Premiere on Youtube

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Wall Street 

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Sminemama Logbook

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Quantumimmortal Sminem Art

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OP Neuromancer

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Sminem AMA

Next VC with Sminem:





Now on Youtube
The Sminem Saga


Episode 1 by O'Daffer


Episode 2 by ZBS


Episode 3 by Scorpo

Official NFT Collection
Sminems NFTS

Launched by Sminem on Opensea.

View Collection on OpenSea
Auction House
Sminemboy's - Quantumimmortal Surrealty

Bid on Lord's Reliquia and godly hand-crafted artworks by bringing your $OGSM to the sacrifice. Sminem creates art for you. You bid by burning $OGSM.

View Auction Page
$OGSM on Ethereum ERC20

How to buy using ETH

1. Download and install MetaMask

MetaMask is a crypto wallet app for used for storing and managing Ethereum tokens. After creating a wallet be sure to write down your recovery phrase on a piece of paper and store it somewhere safe. Do not lose the recovery phrase as you could possibly lose your entire wallet's contents.

2. Fund wallet with Ethereum

Send Ethereum to your newly created wallet or check inside the MetaMask app. This is where you can purchase Ethereum using PayPal or credit card by clicking on the buy button.

3. Swap your ETH for OGSM

Connect your wallet to Uniswap, input our contract address, set your slippage to 1.5%, and click the swap button!

4. Join the OGSM Community

Follow us on X.com or join our public Telegram community chat to stay updated on the latest coin updates, including VCs/AMAs with Sminem himself.